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Dewdrops on Chrysanthemums

Dew forms when the surface temperature of an object is cooler than the surrounding air.

Dewdrops on Chrysanthemums 1

Dewdrops on Chrysanthemums 2

Dewdrops on Chrysanthemums 3


Our Favorite Guests

Each year, beginning in early March, hundreds of interesting guests arrive for their annual visit. They’re here to enjoy the various types of plants and flowers growing in our yard. Visitors are encouraged to climb up, crawl over and consume some varieties. Many stay for about a month during summer, aside from the final generation that hibernates through the winter as chrysalides.


Who IS That Masked Man?

Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces was created by Alan Ormsby and released by Kenner toy company in 1975. Perhaps the only toy ever designed with the sole purpose of torturing younger siblings, Hugo did so with the help of several glue-on accessories such as a wig, sideburns, eyebrows, mustache and goatee. His kit contained many other completely awful items like noses, chins, warts, scars, fangs, a bandage (with fake bloodstains), an eye patch, glasses and mask. He lacked legs, but made up for this with a pullstring mechanism to operate his disturbing movable arms. Hugo would later go on to make guest appearances on The Pee-wee Herman Show.

Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces


Music Festival Crafternoon

We went to the Natural Life Music Festival today here at Metro Park. There was an assortment of arts, crafts and great music for the whole family. Unfortunately, we missed the first two musical acts, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine and Tim Easton. We saw Grandpa’s Cough Medicine put on a great show at the fair earlier this month, and hoped to see them again today.

The three groups we DID manage to see were very cool! First off, Shovels and Rope, a folkrock duo with junkyard drums and soulful voices from Charleston, South Carolina. Then, Modern Skirts, a rock group from Athens, Georgia with a driving, energetic push and memorable harmonies that pull you in. Finally, River Whyless, a four piece group from Asheville, North Carolina, who brought their incredible blend of indie folkrock and longing bluegrass violin. Everyone put on a show/event entirely deserving of praise, and for a great cause!

Also, ran into a few old friends there and had a brainstorm about some possible future artistic collaboration(s). We met some of the most kind and generous individuals today. Thanks for restoring my long-held assumption that we are inherently good. Karma, are you messing around with me?

Sorry for not paying attention to my blog for the last eleven days, I have been seeing other blogs…


Dear Internet

I added a new piece to the audio based section. I’m currently working on another audio project and probably won’t get a chance to post much else today. Also, here is a Mandlebrot/Julia fractal:

Mandlebrot/Julia Fractal


Derry Daring

1975 saw the release of Derry Daring by Ideal Toys. In an apparent attempt to create a character more appealing to the female demographic, the action girl of today was equipped to handle any number of daring scenarios as well as any guy. Her skills included: heroic rescuing, mountain climbing, automobile mechanics, stunt cycling, rodeo riding, and of course – simultaneously filming and reporting the news in the safest manner possible. Derry possessed all the technical skill of her counterpart, Mr. Knievel, minus the years of brain damage. She was likely the inspiration behind April O’Neil, the Pink Ranger, Lara Croft and many others to follow.

Derry Daring - The action girl of today!


Prequel to a Post

When going through an old magazine, comic book or newspaper, my favorite part has always been reading the advertisements. Often, it’s some historical element that attracts my attention or perhaps the nostalgia factor in general. Regardless, I have a fascination with society’s previous views and how they relate to modern forms of political correctness/taboos, or are just plain campy.

In the next few posts I will share some pieces from the 1970’s – 1980’s that seem particularly interesting. All of these adverts are from the various Christmas-themed Archie comic book series.

Enjoy an exciting, romantic, impressive look anytime!

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