Music Festival Crafternoon

We went to the Natural Life Music Festival today here at Metro Park. There was an assortment of arts, crafts and great music for the whole family. Unfortunately, we missed the first two musical acts, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine and Tim Easton. We saw Grandpa’s Cough Medicine put on a great show at the fair earlier this month, and hoped to see them again today.

The three groups we DID manage to see were very cool! First off, Shovels and Rope, a folkrock duo with junkyard drums and soulful voices from Charleston, South Carolina. Then, Modern Skirts, a rock group from Athens, Georgia with a driving, energetic push and memorable harmonies that pull you in. Finally, River Whyless, a four piece group from Asheville, North Carolina, who brought their incredible blend of indie folkrock and longing bluegrass violin. Everyone put on a show/event entirely deserving of praise, and for a great cause!

Also, ran into a few old friends there and had a brainstorm about some possible future artistic collaboration(s). We met some of the most kind and generous individuals today. Thanks for restoring my long-held assumption that we are inherently good. Karma, are you messing around with me?

Sorry for not paying attention to my blog for the last eleven days, I have been seeing other blogs…


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